We work with

solid men educators attorneys politicians and leaders .

We are here to HELP expectant fathers who have been silenced, and are hurting.

They hurt emotionally and psychologically due to the (proposed) abortion of their pre-born children by working with attorneys, politicians, educators, and community leaders to advance the rights of expectant fathers.

The perpetuated narrative…

“The creation of life is extraordinary, however this is a woman’s matter, and your voice is irrelevant. You will bear all the responsibility of being father – if your partner decides.”

We have a Bold Mission, and You must have questions.

A large part of our mission is to create awareness and dialogue both socially and politically to address and CORRECT the fact that expectant fathers have ZERO rights pertaining to whether or not their pre-born child will be born or aborted! We believe this is an issue of Human Rights. It’s not a women’s rights or women’s healthcare issue. For over four and a half decades the discussion regarding “reproductive rights” has been one sided.

So, Expectant Fathers Without Voices seeks to bring much needed BALANCE to this conversation by giving expectant fathers a voice. We believe that doing this will help to create harmony, while saving the lives of the most innocent among us, and improve the physical, mental, and emotional health of ALL human beings involved in the creation of LIFE!

Our Core Values

Expectant Fathers Without Voices VALUES the preservation of Human life above ALL!! In addition to…

  • Giving expectant fathers a voice socially and politically!
  • Improving the healthcare system in the United States & Worldwide!
  • Restoring the VALUE of the family unit!


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We are a team of people who understand the importance of decisions.

Elliott Cohn


I’m a Man who suffered 2 FORCED Abortions has grieved, and now helps others to avoid such pain.

Jess V. Cohn Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

A man with the experience and knowledge to lead the fight against objective evil.

Dane Kennedy

Director of Strategic Business Development

A soldier in the battle for life.

Terrance Mitchell


A kind and gentle man who has lost, and has become a powerful voice for the voiceless.

These are short articles

that could save lives.

Learn Our Terminology

An expectant father is a man who knows his partner is pregnant, genuinely wants to be a good parent to the child and a good man to that women.

…and how are they identified?

An expectant father is also a man who would be willing to be vetted extensively by law-enforcement, social workers, whatever the state deems necessary.


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