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They need to know that it is not only OK but 100% proper for them to not internalize their emotions and thoughts, and communicate gently openly and honestly with their partner about why the sanctity of life and blessing of fatherhood/motherhood is so important.

There are many ways that people can get involved with the mission of EFWV.

  1. Reach out to us directly via our website or social media.
  2. Start talking about it even if it might seem a little uncomfortable and don’t be scared of the backlash.
  3. Put pressure on your local politicians.
  4. Reach out to local news outlets in your area a national debate about this topic will naturally ensue that will forever change the narrative and crush one of the abortion industry’s most powerful weapons,which is the division of men and women on the issue of abortion.
  5. Go to your pastor, priest, professor, or any other person of influence in your community or social circles and explain to them how important it is that’s good men not be silenced and forced to watch their children be killed and their partners wounded.
  6. And in everything I mentioned, make it clear that this is the biggest HUMAN RIGHTS CRISIS facing our world today!!! Killing innocent children in the womb, and sometimes even after birth, as infanticide in certain states in now legal.

Some people might argue that this is no different than starving children in impoverished nations. No different than saving the whales, no different than saving the rainforests, no different than protecting endangered species, no different than using your recycle bin.

Ahh but wait, it is different! None of these things would matter, none of these noble causes would have any true purpose if we continue to kill ourselves off using abortion as an excuse. Human LIFE first and foremost must be preserved! Since it is humans who are pursuing all of these great causes, if we continue to kill ourselves off who’s going to carry them on?