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For people who don’t support us, their biggest concern is: “how do you determine who is and who isn’t a good man? How do you know that if men were given rights from conception until birth that these rights would not be exploited by evil men like rapists etc.

But for people who do believe in my mission: Oh my God where have you been? This is one of the biggest things missing in the pro-life movement! We always talk about giving a voice to the voiceless in regards to the pre-born child, but to truly give a voice to the voiceless we must include the millions of men who have zero legal rights to protect their children from abortion.

The voices of millions of good men standing together with women, and exposing the lies of the Multi billion dollar a year abortion industry will crush the narrative that abortion is only a “women’s issue” and will help bring an end to the “no uterus no opinion” mindset. Therefore, bringing a decisive victory in the war of changing hearts and minds. It will forever change the way the entire topic is addressed both politically and socially!

What we tell me when they first come to see us….

We explain to them the true blessing that fatherhood is, and that they also have a responsibility to hold themselves accountable for their actions.

But probably the most powerful thing we do is ask a question, which is “do you want your child to be aborted/killed” so far across the board the answer has been a resounding “NO I DO NOT!” The man or expectant father, plays a massive role in a woman’s abortion decision. He needs to respond with love kindness and a supportive attitude. This means expressing words of comfort, and taking action steps to show the expectant mother that his words are not hollow.

The biggest mistake they make is to repeat the lies that the abortion industry has used to indoctrinate them and divide them from the expectant mother. What I mean by this is the whole concept that it is “loving” to say “I will support you whatever you choose, and because I love you so much if you do choose to have an abortion I will drive you to the clinic and I will pay for it.” All this does is make the woman feel like she is alone in her decision, and reinforces the fact that it even is a decision to begin with. Again this is just another evil trick from the multibillion dollar abortion Industry.